Kendo is not just about one’s physical ability. Here are 10 ways you can make your kendo better that don’t rely on physical talent.

  1. Showing up to class on time
  2. Being physically and mentally prepared for class
  3. A good attitude
  4. Proper etiquette in the dojo
  5. Respect for your self and others
  6.  Keeping your uniform and equipment  clean and wearing it properly
  7. Taking proper care of your shinai
  8. Good posture in kamae
  9. A strong kiai
  10. Giving your best effort

These require focus, discipline, and awareness. There’s some knowledge involved, but not that much. Paying attention to these things is an easy way to improve your kendo without even breaking a sweat.

“Japanese fencing” is how I often describe Kendo as an activity. At its core, it is a method to shape one’s character and improve one’s self. This is the true value of kendo. It’s not for physical prowess or dominance over others. It is for dominance over one’s self.